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Consommables composites


Aeroform in partnership with Diatex distributes a complete solution for composite process and repair.

In addition to our equipment, we offer a wide range of consumables.

In order to better meet your needs, Aeroform provides you with kits with all the necessary consumables: vacuum bagging films, sealant tapes, breathers, peel plies etc.

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cleanroom composite


In partnership with JB Roche, Aeroform provides you with cleanrooms designed to repair all aircraft components in a controlled and secure working environment.

We can also provide bespoke cleanrooms when the standard range does not meet to your needs.

autoclave composites



Aeroform has a team of technicians to perform a ten-year and / or acoustic test of your

The advantages of acoustic emission:
– detection and localization of evolving faults on your equipment
– real-time analysis
– the diagnosis of the severity of the damage
– prevention of industrial risks
– control of structures in service

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composite training


In partnership with ACRATS, Aeroform offers certified training courses for the repair of composite parts.

All our training courses are given in French and/or English.

We offer different levels of courses and training (basic or advanced) according to the standards in effect (SAE AIR 4938) with our partner part 145.

You will also have the opportunity to obtain a certificate at the end of the training.