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autoclave composites

Standard autoclaves

Aeroform has developed a “LAB” range of composite standard autoclaves for laboratories, research centers, universities and for the process of composite parts.

They meet the high demands in terms of temperature homogeneity and reliability during the curing process.

Our LAB range is very economical and integrates on a compact platform, pre-wired equipment, as well as all security systems to ensure a fast and secure control by its users.

Our composite autoclaves follow the European standard PED 97/23/EC. 

Standard autoclave models

Model(s)Inner diameter Working lengthPressureMaximum temperature
LAB 1151m1.5m10 bar220°C
LAB 1201m2m10 bar220°C
LAB 15301.5m3m10 bar220°C
LAB 15401.5m4m10 bar220°C
LAB 20402m4m10 bar220°C

Find here our bespoke autoclaves.

Autoclave type LAB120


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