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Sealant tapes

Our sealant tapes are essential for the preparation of your composite repair.

They ensure quality sealing and high performance for your vacuum applications in an oven or autoclave.

After cooling, the sealant can be removed very easily, without leaving any marks on your tools.



Our flash tapes are used in various applications, such as holding vacuum products and thermocouples, masking, shielding.

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Consumables for composite repair

Aeroform supplies a wide range of consumables for the repair of composite parts.

In order to better meet your needs, Aeroform provides you with kits with all the necessary
consumables: vacuum bagging films, sealant tapes, breathers, peel plies, etc.


Roll Racks for consumables A15RR

Aeroform offers roll racks for consumables in your composite workshop.

These racks facilitate manual or automatic cutting.

Rolls rack consumable_1

Roll Racks for consumables A15MBR

This innovative roll rack is ideal to store consumables in your composite workshop.

Equipped with mechanical assistance, this roll rack facilitates manual or automatic cutting.

table de découpe

Cutting table

The cutting table is an essential element for your composite workshop. It is specially designed to cut your pre-pregs, consumables.

The height of the worktop is adjustable.

You can also choose the size of your working table.

The protective glass facilitates table maintenance and increases its lifespan.