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HOTGUN : 1000, 2000 et 3000.

These HOT GUNS are distinguished by their extremely small dimensions as well as their long service life. Designed for professional uses, the HOT  GUN enable  any specific application  for curing.

They are particularly appreciated for  composite curing when heater mat or infrared lamps are not easy to use. That is for uneven shapes and areas hard to reach.

It is useful for composite repair as secondary bonding or modifications to composite structure.

A special protecting device is provided in the event there is no incoming air and protects the hot gun against overheating.


hotair box


These Hot Air boxes consist of thermally insulated envelopes to heat or accelerate resins or shim drying  through a homogeneous hot air flow … generated by a fan and heating resistors.
These boxes can be made on demand (shape, size …) and our AHB380 can control several zone  in a synchronized way.

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