Heater mats

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Flexible Heater mat

Aeroform offers standard or on demand heat blankets for polymerizing composite parts. Thanks to their flexibility, these can adapt to all surfaces.

They are provided with connectors in order to be used with our suitcases: AHB380, AHB SZ16 or EC16.

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Stretchable Heat Blanket

Stretchable heat blankets can adapt to all curves and shapes. These blankets have a perfect contact with the composite materials which allows an excellent temperature transfer.

The flexibility is ensured by the absence of fiberglass in the silicone. Thanks to the use of carbon fibers, the heating components do not deteriorate.

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Radome Heat Blanket

Aeroform offers a range of heat blankets for radome repair on all types of aircrafts (Airbus, Boeing, ATR …)

These radome blankets consist of several heating zones. They are to be connected to our Hot Bonders.

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Mat temperature controller

This product feature cana be offered with our heater mats in order to provide an accurate process control and real time temperature feedback.

Our thermostat will offer the advantages of direct display of the heater operating temperature with set point adjustability within the pre-programmed range and user adjustable parameters of hysteresis, offset and units (°C or °F).

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