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Remote screen

Our remote screen system offers the possibility to take control or have a look on your curing process, done by your Hot Bonder AHB 380. Our new innovative control system is ideal for complex composite repairs. Thanks to our remote screen, the technician will be able to accomplish other tasks, while keeping an eye on the repair from a distance.

In case of problems (out-of-band thermocouple or other), the audible and visual alarm will be activated automatically on the remote tablet.

The “Remote Control” is provided via a Local Wifi network and is available in 3 formats: tablet, smartphone, and PC

Your repair process will become smoother and more secure thanks to our system.

Here is the Aeroform Hot Bonder (AHB) range:

Eco Bonder, Single Zone, Dual zones, 4 zones, Multizones, Wireless.

Hot bonder Aeroform


This ECOBONDER EC16 Hot Bonder is a single-zone, economical curing case that is ideal for composite repairs. It has been specially designed for sectors of industries such as wind, nautical or automotive.

Compact, light and very didactic, this case is very easy to use thanks to its 3.2 ” touch screen.

Hot bonder Aeroform



The Hot Bonder AHB BOX has been specifically designed to perform repairs on composite parts.

It can control heating blankets, infrared lamps or hotgun. This polymerization case is ideal for “Spot Repair” composite repairs.

It is very lightweight, also compact and robust. It can connect up to 4 thermocouples. These hot bonders are used by major contractors in the aviation industry such as MRO’s centers, airlines and aircraft manufacturers.

Hot Bonder


The Hot Bonder AHB SZ16 can control heating blankets, infrared lamps or hotguns. It has been designed to perform precise repairs on composite parts. This 16 amp case can connect from 3 to 6 thermocouples.

This hot bonder is very practical for on-site and workshop interventions.

Hot Bonder

AHB380 S

The Hot Bonder AHB380 S is a composite repair case configured in single zone. It works with 16 Amp or 32 Amp and 10 type J or K thermocouples. It is ideal for repairing structural parts made of large composites such as airplane or helicopter repairs.

This Hot Bonder is referenced by major aeronautical players such as MROs, airlines and aircraft manufacturers.

Hot Bonder

AHB380 D

Our AHB380 D polymerization case has been specifically designed to perform composite repairs in the aeronautical field. It is known by MROs and aircraft manufacturers as an appropriate equipment for the repair of composite materials.

This Hot Bonder can be configured as standard: several languages available.

AHB380 D is very easy to use, lightweight and has all the features needed to perform structural repairs.

These systems are designed to meet current aerospace repair specifications such as helicopter repair or aircraft repair.

Hot bonder Aeroform

AHB380 Q

This Hot Bonder for composite repair is the latest generation offering 4 independent zones or to synchronize together. It aims to handle complex repairs up to 20 thermocouples such as aircraft repair (radome, wing) or helicopter repair.

Our bonding console is recognized by players in the aeronautics sector such as MROs centers, aeronautical manufacturers, airline companies.

This equipment has a simple-to-use, multi-language interface and can generate several types of cooking reports (PDF, Excel, Ticket).

Hot bonder Aeroform


Our SMS module option allows to deport the alarms of a composite repair case (Hot bonder AHB380) on several mobile phones of choice.

Thanks to this option, the operator is no longer forced to stay next to the composite repair.


Aeroform offers several types of accessory cases to go with the hot bonders.

There are different levels of cases : Light, Normal, Premium and on demand.

Depending on the level chosen, these cases are composed of more or less accessories (thermocouples, vacuum hose, vacuum socket, keyboard …)

Do not hesitate to contact us to receive a technical and commercial proposal.