hosevac vacuum hose

Hosevac, vacuum hose for autoclave


This hose is designed for professionals in the composite industry in order to control vacuum level in autoclave.

HoseVac is a high performance flexible. Its unique design ensures an unequalled lifespan.

Vacuum Hose (Oven, Hot Bonder)


The vacuum hose is a product that is often found in the composite industry. This pipe is directly connected to either the Hot Bonder or the oven. These pipes are equipped with an external spring that makes them more resistant.

The pipe comes with:

1 hose with a 1/4″ male adapter on each side
1 female QRC connector 1/4 ”
1 1/4 “elbow

Vacuum plugs

A vacuum plug is mainly used to prevent leaks during an operation and is essential for generating a vacuum. This vacuum plug is supplied with a QRC (Quick Release Coupling) 1/4 “ISO B.

In addition, a spring is incorporated in the product to close the valve when the plug is not connected so as not to create a leak. When the vacuum plug is connected, the valve opens automatically to allow air circulation.

QRC flexible de vide

QRC connectors

The male or female QRCs are to be used with a vacuum hose under autoclave or with a Hot Bonder. They allow an air flow from point A to point B. It is secure and easy to use (connection and disconnection).

The male / female connectors connect to each other.

testeur de fuite de vide

Vacuum Leak Tester

This advanced device is used to control your vacuum hoses, quick connector (QRC type ISOB) and vacuum plug in case of a leak.This vacuum leak tester allows you to simultaneously test 2 hoses and a vacuum plug.This detector is easy to use and can be used in different places thanks to its lightweight, easily transportable and autonomous (battery) case.

Vacuum Leak Detector

This vacuum leak indicator is widely used when you repair composite parts. It allows to indicate the minimum value of leak.

vacuometer composites

Assembled Vacuum Gauge

This set allows you to have real-time control of the vacuum level in your vacuum bag. The equipment consists of a pressure gauge mounted on a QRC and a vacuum plug placed on your preparation.

Compatible with our range of vacuum plug.

detecteur ultrasonique

Ultrasonic Leak Detector

A gas or a liquid escaping through a crack or hole causes ultrasound, that is to say sounds of frequencies too high for a human ear to perceive them.

These ultrasounds are picked up by the leak detector using the directional microphone or the ultrasonic probe.

TC plat

Flat thermocouple

Our flat thermocouple is very innovative. It has fine thermocouple wires, protected by a flat Kapton envelope.

These thermocouples have been specially developed for the process and repair of composite parts.

Compared to standard thermocouple, its impact on treated surfacess is greatly reduced.Indeed, it is perfect for repairing damaged aircraft surfaces or other sensitive parts.

thermocouple standard

Standard thermocouples

Aeroform offers a wide range of thermocouples with standard and / or miniature connectors (type J or K).

These thermocouples are ideal for measuring surface temperature.

We also offer flat thermocouples.

TC welder

TC Welder

TC WELDER is a portable battery welder. It has been specially designed to make thermocouple junction welds both in the workshop and on site.

This battery has enough power to weld wires up to 0.9mm in diameter and has a lifespan of at least 500 welds at maximum power. It can also operate on main powers.

The TC WELDER is installed in a lightweight, robust and easily transportable case.

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